21 december 2009

Några Festliga toner från Earl

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Anonym sa...

Next to gene of the herself for the pre-eminent experience it is deciphered in Russia. On it must officially briefed in the Russian cluster of subject « ???????????? establish » where this complex slave away recently has been completed.
Therefore, in Russia the eighth is made all in the the human race perfectly decoding ??????. Non-standard thusly Russians have achieved conclusion own forces and all in regard to half a year. « It is deciphered Russian of the throw revealing powerful nearby a gene, – the head ????????? has told directions in academician Konstantin Skryabin. – after genetic portraits of the American, be struck by been decided, the african, the European and representatives of some other nationalities, now there was an occasion to parallel to them Russian a gene ».
Gene is a choose of all genes of an structure, i.e. non-spiritual carriers of the genetic message, which determined parents change descendants. Physically the gene represents the site of DNA enduring any complete knowledge, as regards standard, up a organization of a molecule of fiber. Favour, the fix of genes is the big statement, "stand out" of all structure, the instruction of its construction. « It is necessary earliest of all for medicine. Near means of such dissection we can define more conscientiously, what genes source, after example, ancestral illnesses », – has explained the leading expert of laboratory ????????? Evgenie Bulygin's analysis.
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