09 december 2006

90´s hip hop video of the week...

Cru - Just another case. Amazing track from one of the most slept on hip hop groups ever. Cru released their one and only album "Da dirty 30" back in 1997, and the album has not got one track that isn´t bangin´... The original album track actually features Slick Rick in the last verse, but I think he was locked up during the time they shot this video... Enjoy.

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Anonym sa...


Damn, just another case of how I´ve forgot a classic, totally forgot about Cru. Thank you SO much. I´ll notify my older brother about that one, bet he´s forgotten too. And thanks for great merchandises at 2a Långgatan yo. Keep digga tha freshness!

PS. Great tracksuit and sneakers by the way. Love wearing them.